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The ViSponder® SET

The ViSponder® SET


If you want to improve your wellbeing in every situation, then the ViSpnder® SET is the right choice. You can wear the right braclet on right occasion.

Every ViSponder® works with body-equal frequencies to support a specific body"area".


ViSponder® SPORT:
for more performance in sports
ViSponder® BRAIN:
for increased brain activities
for a strong and fluidly working musculoskeletal system

The ViSponder® Brain and the Flexiblity come with a soft black leather bracelet. The VisPonder® Sport comes with a black silicone bracelet.

You can order extra braclets in different colors: In silicone there are White, Black, Blue and Gray bracelets available.


Art.number: 000700SET-US

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