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A unique part of the world!

This dreamy landscape, with its rolling meadows and majestic mountains located in the middle of Europe, is unique in many ways. The specific atmosphere of the idyllic ancient mountain villages, the spectacular mountain peaks covered with snow and glaciers, and the warm and hospitable inhabitants are characteristic of this part of the world.

The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe. This mountain range runs 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) in a semi-circular shape across the Alpine countries. People from outside Europe often refer to this mountain range as the Swiss mountains or simply Switzerland. However, the Alps actually span 8 countries. Every country possesses their own special characteristics, and within each country there are very specific regions with unique conditions.

KuWe Naturals
KuWe Naturals

Here I have finally found a place of quiet, a place of peace, the like of which I could have only wished for” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about Tirol in 1829.

We have discovered a very special region in the middle of the Alps. Located within the country of Austria, in the province of Tyrol, are some very beautiful valleys with very specific conditions. In one of these valleys, the ingredients for our exclusive products grow and are harvested in the wild, by hand.

What makes this particular region so very special?

Today, many visitors still come to this region in the western part of Austria to leave behind their worries, to escape the stress of everyday life, and to be at one with nature. With more than 500 peaks that reach over 10,000 feet high (3,000 meters), more than 600 glaciers along the main alpine ridge, lush green meadows and charming huts, this area has a truly unique landscape.

But something else makes this unique part of the world special for our products.

The Flora!

KuWe Naturals
KuWe Naturals

The flora which are found in these valleys are different. The specific circumstances of the atmosphere in which they grow make these flowers and herbs more powerful than ones harvested anywhere else. The WWF states that many of the plants found in the Alps are not found anywhere else in the world.  However, even the species that may also be found in other places are not the same quality and potency as the ones harvested here. Because of the harsh and varying environmental conditions, the plants are forced to find ways to survive, to adapt and thrive, and this makes them stronger and unique.

KuWe Naturals

All of our “Feel good” Alpine cosmetic products are made using active ingredients which have been naturally harvested from these mountain meadows. High up in the Alpine Austrian mountains, in beautiful meadows or in hidden niches and cracks: there is where our ingredients grow – which gives the “power” to our exclusive cosmetics. These particularly powerful herbs, flowers and oils are processed by hand into very special creams, serums, tonics, shampoos and many other astonishing natural Alpine cosmetics.

100% Natural
100% Pure Natural‎
Powerful effect
without any synthetic additives. 

The knowledge of the positive effects of selected plants and oils from the Alpine region for holistic body-care is based on a centuries-old wealth of unmodern scientific findings. We are committed to the full declaration of all ingredients, because we have nothing to hide. In fact, our feel-good products are the only ones that consist of 100% natural active ingredients and almost all come from the Alpine region. Our products therefore do not smell perfumed, but have a natural fragrance.‎

Certified Climate neutral
100% Climate Neutral
Environmentally friendly, regional and sustainable production as a principle.

Each of our products is manufactured with the utmost respect and the best possible conservation of our nature. As a sign of the successful efforts of Alpine naturprodukte GmbH, they can carry the "Climate-neutral produced" certificate since 2010 with joy and also with a little pride.

Handmade with Love
Respect for the treasures of nature requires gentle and loving manual work.

All the main active ingredients in the products are gently extracted by hand from plants from controlled wild collection and organic producers. While making use of modern technology, our laboratories still produce hand crafted products. And the packaging is also done, piece by piece, by hand.

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