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Made by Nature - Our ingredients

Our products produce wonderful results because they come from pure, natural flowers, herbs and other natural ingredients which have been carefully harvested by hand.


More than 65 different plants from the Tyroler Alps are used in our products. Flowers, herbs and trees grown in the wild and other high quality natural mountain ingredients.

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Seven distinctive powers from the Alpine region are the basis of our feel-good Alpine Nature cosmetics and other products.

Where can you find knowledge about the effects and powers of the Alpine plants? Listen to the native residents of the Alps, who have trusted their plants for centuries. The residents of Tyrol's mountains have used wild Arnica, St. John's wort, Marigold, Stone pine, Propolis, Honey and Marmot oil for one simple reason – they are the best natural and effective ingredients for skin and body care. We use their experience combined with modern science and the natural ingredients to make our exclusive cosmetic products.

Purity in everything – The power of nature

The powerful raw materials (wild-grown herbs) from the European Alps of Tyrol make our products unique. The essential vitality and superior quality of the plants are preserved during the production and remain in our products. This results in 100% natural and unique body-care products – with the greatest respect for the environment, sustainable and climate-neutral!

Anyone who wants to experience the wonders of nature, to feel and to understand it, must use it.

Mountain Arnica


Wild, stubborn, and energizing – just like the mountains on which it grows. This is how the yellow arnica plant can be described, which derives its potent power from its exposed origin and the rays of the mountain sun. The higher it thrives in the mountains, the more intense its fragrance and healing effect. Arnica flowers look like wolf eyes, which is why the older generations in Tyrol also refer to arnica as “wolf's eye.”


Arnica is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory herbal plants used in Alpine folk-medicine. The local residents use the essences to help with injuries such as bruises, sprains, and bruises. The flower extracts have an analgesic and anti-rheumatic effect and help the body to regain vitality. In skin care, creams with arnica extracts refresh, stimulate, harmonize and vitalize, having an invigorating, smoothing effect on the (dry) skin.

St John's Wort

St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort takes its name from its heyday. Usually on "Johanni"(German for St. John’s Day), which falls three days after the solstice on June 21, the bright golden yellow flowers shine in full splendor. This is the time when this herb should also be hand-picked.  It is said that St. John's Wort helps to regain inner balance and stimulates the blood circulation.


Naturopathy uses St. John's wort as a nerve agent, but also as a wound remedy. The main active ingredients are hyperforin, hypericin, as well as powerful flavonoids and oligomeric procyanidins (OPC), which are mainly found in the flowers and pistils of the plant. St. John's Wort has a mood-enhancing, soothing and sleep-promoting effect. In skin care products, St. John’s wort revitalizes and helps skin optimize its natural cellular renewal.



A versatile natural remedy of the first quality and medicinal plant of the year 2009 (in Germany). In popular medicine circles, Marigold is beloved for its strong therapeutic powers. From the moment the Marigold seeds touch the ground, they start growing from spring well into autumn. Like a barometer, it announces the weather: If the flower heads do not open in the morning, rain will certainly come.


The Romans used marigold to treat their wounds. In modern days, this plant is still used for many medicinal applications. It is commonly said that it promotes wound healing and inhibits inflammation, has a viricidal, fungicidal, antimicrobial and immunomodulating effect. In cosmetics, it nourishes and protects brittle and dry skin and is very well tolerated. Cosmetic preparations made from marigold extracts have virtually no side effects, and allergic reactions are extremely rare.



Propolis is considered a natural antibiotic sourced from bees. It is the putty resin with which they keep their home, the hive, intact and free of viruses, fungi and bacteria. If you consider the fact that up to 80,000 bees live in one hive in the summer, you can guess how strong the protective and healing powers of propolis must be to protect the entire colony from pathogens.


Beekeepers obtain propolis by hanging grids with honeycomb structure in the hive. The bees cover the foreign body with propolis for protection, which is then harvested by the beekeeper. Propolis is rich in vitamins and trace elements and is used in naturopathy for skin inflammation. It is also considered a potent immune booster.

Swiss pine tree branch

Austrian Stone Pine

Restful nights, vital days with the powers of the "Queen of the Alps". The Austrian version of the “Swiss” stone pine has developed unique, biochemical defenses to resist all extremes of its high alpine habitat and the pests, bacteria, viruses and toxic attacks. Wood and needles from this stone pine are not only playing a true fragrance concert, which has a general harmonizing and vitalizing effect, they are also intended to promote restful sleep, and also to give skin and joints powerful benefits.


The powers of the “Swiss” stone pine are used in numerous care products. In aromatherapy, the scent of pine oil is considered cleansing and brightening. We can also take advantage of the antibacterial, fungus-killing properties of the coniferous plant in everyday life. For example, for gentle pest control or to improve the climate of our interiors.



Honey is the food of bees from pollen and nectar, and it also strengthens us humans with its numerous bioactive substances. "Whether gout or gallstones, cough or skin scratches, fever or boils, honey cures every minor ailment."  This is how Hippocrates, the forefather of anthroposophical medicine, described the power of honey for their health.

Honey is known for its bacteriologically sterile, wound-healing effect. In addition, it is a tried and tested home remedy for cough, sore throat and cold. In skin creams and body lotions, honey has a moisturizing effect, it soothes the skin, cleanses and smooths the skin surface. Honey contains many important antioxidants.

Mountain Marmot Oil

Mountain Marmot Oil

“The oil of life from the high mountains.”  For hundreds of years, the people of the Alpine region have sworn by the benefits of mountain-marmot fat. At first, with cold symptoms and joint pain, later with problems of the entire musculoskeletal system and irritation of the skin. Mountain-marmot fat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and natural corticosteroids, as well as vitamins D and E.

Nowadays, the fat of mountain marmots is used to make various medicinal ointments. The active ingredients penetrate the skin tissue and act like cortisone: anti-inflammatory, circulation-promoting and analgesic. Rubs with marmot oil help with all sorts of muscular problems, tension, lumbago, sore muscles and body aches. By the way: In the Alps, marmots must be hunted in late summer before the onset of hibernation due to their rapid reproduction. This avoids a disturbance of the natural balance in the alpine pasture regions and maintains the health of the marmot population. In skin and body care products, the mountain marmot oil helps to rejuvenate stressed skin.

We source arnica, St John‘s wort, chamomile, mullein, rose hip, common mallow, marigold, yarrow, lady‘s mantle, eyebright, gentian root, calamintha, hay flowers, cranberries, lingonberries and some other power packs from this divine natural pharmacy. They contain potent
antioxidants, vitamins, tannins, lipids and special flavonoids that are good for the skin, muscles and joints. But we also believe in the excellent effects of willow bark, birch, cedar nuts, zeolite and our “secret” ingredients, such as biopir and binatur, in which we synergistically increase the natural powers of brewer‘s yeast and bee products using traditional methods. The combination of powerful Alpine plant extracts, natural active ingredients from modern research and precious emulsions formulated according to the strictest guidelines of natural cosmetic production gives the skin everything it needs to look beautiful, supple and vibrant.

Natural beauty with original authentic and pure ingredients

100% Natural
100% natural
Feel-good products
100% pure nature from the Tyrolian Mountains.

The exceptional quality of our pure natural products is based on the fact that we only use raw materials from controlled wild collection for their production: herbs and plants such as arnica, St. John's wort, propolis, marigold and Swiss stone pine from their self-chosen, very own alpine habitat, in which they can develop the greatest effectiveness.

Certified Climate Neutral
100% Climate Neutral
Environmentally friendly, regional and sustainable production as a principle.

Each of our products is manufactured with the utmost respect and the best possible conservation of our nature. As a sign of the successful efforts of Alpine naturprodukte GmbH, they can carry the "Climate-neutral produced" certificate since 2010 with joy and also with a little pride.

Handmade with Love
Respect for the treasures of nature requires gentle and loving manual work.

All the main active ingredients in the products are gently extracted by hand from plants from controlled wild collection and organic producers. While making use of modern technology, our laboratories still produce hand crafted products. And the packaging is also done, piece by piece, by hand.

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