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The Energizing Body Fuel

Hydrating and vitalizing active gel with Rosemary-hydrolate and Comfrey.

The Energizing Body Fuel with Rosemary-hydrolate and Comfrey

$49.00 Regular Price
$36.75Sale Price
  • Hydrating and vitalising active gel with rosemary hydrolate and comfrey.
    Full power, please! This vitalising gel provides the skin, muscles, and
    joints with highly efficient fuels from forests – without any alcohol! Rosemary hydrolate, sage, juniper, thyme, and comfrey provide the metabolism and cell regeneration with impetus, and re-activate stressed super bodies. The smart hydro-complex replenishes moisture reservoirs and the multifunctional Silvactiv Complete complex gives full power with mistletoe, chaga, and the rest. Tired and stressed skin, muscles, and joints. Gel-like oil-in-water active ingredient emulsion. A purely plant-based, alcohol-free energy boost for skin, muscles and joints Woody hydro-booster with
    fern, moss, and lichen Comfrey, superfood chaga, mistletoe and
    staghorn lichen help with becoming de-stressed and regeneration.


    Art. No. 40136-US

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