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Skin Care Set for the Demanding and Mature Skin

Skin Care Set for the Demanding and Mature Skin


Skin Care Set

For the Demanding and Mature Skin

Anti-Aging Day Cream for the Mature Skin

Alpienne Anti-Aging Day Cream contains an intelligent blend of highly effective alpine ingredients. Biopir and multifunctional brewer’s yeast and lady’s mantle extract deliver an abundance of natural anti-aging substances, boost regeneration and tone the skin. Extracts of black elder, cranberry, mullein and lingonberry have an antioxidant effect, provide intensive protection and aid in skin regeneration, leaving your complexion looking rejuvenated and radiant.


Anti-Aging Night Cream for the Mature Skin

The synergistic botanicals in this unique night cream provide your skin with everything it needs for a revitalized, rejuvenated appearance. The vitamin-rich blend of black elder, lingonberry and blueberry supplies powerful antioxidants. Biopir with multifunctional brewer’s yeast is a veritable treasure trove of biotin, precious amino acids, minerals and trace elements. St. John’s wort revitalizes and helps skin optimize its natural cellular renewal. Lady’s mantle minimizes wrinkles and enhances the complexion.


Revitalizing Face Serum

A warming active agent concentrate for a natural, radiant appearance. The “anti-aging wonder” combination  of lady’s mantle, barley extract, natural lipids and hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin and provides a lasting boost of oxygen and moisture. Brewer’s yeast and a synergistic blend of active agents from lingonberry, blueberry and black elder treat the skin to a natural beauty cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Cell regeneration is effectively supported. The complexion is rejuvenated, smoothed and refined. The perfect serum – particularly for dehydrated, sallow and sagging skin!


Art. No. 40000-4-US

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