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Skin Care Set

For Dry to Normal Skin

Skin Care Set for Dry to Normal Skin

  • Revitalizing Day Cream for Dry to Normal Skin

    This wonderfully enriching day cream is a real treat for dry, stressed and dull skin. Arnica and rosemary extracts stimulate, harmonize and vitalize, having an invigorating, smoothing effect on dry skin. Premium olive oil, pure beeswax and a blend of berries rich in active ingredients are combined in this versatile herbal cream to tone skin, help restore a healthy, radiant complexion and ensure a fabulous feeling of freshness and well-being every single morning.


    Nourishing Night Cream for Dry to Normal Skin

    Nutrients and moisture are essential for every type of skin. This is why we have added exquisite mountain flower honey, special beeswax extract, and a generous measure of malva extract to this enriching night cream, along with a fine selection of berries rich in vitamins and antioxidant phytonutrients. The black elder stimulates hyaluronic acid production, the wild malva regulates hydration, and the ingredients from our mountain bee colonies provide everything your skin needs for a radiant glow.


    Revitalizing Face Serum

    A warming active agent concentrate for a natural, radiant appearance. The “anti-aging wonder” combination of lady’s mantle, barley extract, natural lipids and hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin  and provides a lasting boost of oxygen and moisture. Brewer’s yeast and a synergistic blend of active agents from lingonberry, blueberry and black elder treat the skin to a natural beauty cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. The complexion is rejuvenated, smoothed and refined. The perfect serum – particularly for dehydrated, sallow or sagging skin!


    Art. No. 40000-1-US

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