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Scents Queen

Swiss Stone Pine & Lavender

Room Fragrance

Scents Queen - Swiss Stone Pine & Lavender Room Fragrance

  • Bring the purity of the mountains to your home with this refreshing fragrance. Just like opening a window in the Austrian Alps, mountain lavender flowers combined with the herby, myrtle-like scent of fresh pine needles ensure a soothing balance.


    The Scents Queen Home Diffuser contains unique balsamic qualities to free your senses, create a harmonious ambience and activate your energy reserves.


    It infuses the air with a healthy, calming essence. Bring the Austrian Alpine atmosphere of a sunny autumn afternoon into your house and enjoy the freshness with the mild, warm mountain forest scents.


    The Scents Queen diffuser doesn’t just reduce stress and tension, but the essential ingredients also cleanse the air and create a wonderful room ambience - perfect for daydreaming! This new diffuser improves the air in every room. It is also a good defense against moths and other insects!



    Art. No. 8234-US

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