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Austrian Pine (Starters) Cushion - Relaxing Pillow

Austrian Pine (Starters) Cushion - Relaxing Pillow

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Austrian Pine (Starters) Cushion

Relaxing Pillow

Start to experience the relaxing effects of the unique stone pines from the Tyrol (Austria) with our starters pillow.

The pine shavings used in our pine cushions come from centuries-old pine trees in the Alps. These pine shavings make this little pillow a relaxing pillow. 

The King of the Alps – The Austrian Pine tree - has truly special properties that help it survive the extremes of a high alpine climate: Stability, serenity and a vital resistance against the most prolific diseases. Scientific studies have shown that the properties of the pine tree can also be used to benefit humans. This much is clear: The balsams and essential oils stored in the wood have wonderful sensory qualities that have been cherished in the Austrian Alps for hundreds of years.

Austrian Pine wood not only has a harmonizing fragrance, it also promotes inner calm which can help one to sleep – which in turn helps to make you feel good. It has special anti-bacterial properties which help protect against bacterial growth.


Austrian Pine Starters Cushion – the Relaxing Pillow



Art. No. 8278-US

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