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The Superstar Cream with Raspberry seed oil & Watercress
The Superstar Cream is a revitalizing formulation with a universal approach to healthy skin and highly effective active ingredients, which, as a one-step skincare product, supports cell regeneration, provides intensive hydration and simultaneously smooths, tones, and provides lasting protection.
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KuWe Naturals

Through our skin,

we perceive and

feel the world.

This makes the skin our largest sensory organ.

A healthy body and skin make us feel good.

Our beauty shines through the appearance of our skin.

100% Natural
100% natural
Feel-good products
100% pure nature from the Tyrolian Mountains.

The exceptional quality of our pure natural products is based on the fact that we only use raw materials from controlled wild collection for their production: herbs and plants such as arnica, St. John's wort, propolis, marigold and Swiss stone pine from their self-chosen, very own alpine habitat, in which they can develop the greatest effectiveness.

Certified Climate Neutral
100% Climate Neutral
Environmentally friendly, regional and sustainable production as a principle.

Each of our products is manufactured with the utmost respect and the best possible conservation of our nature. As a sign of the successful efforts of Alpine naturprodukte GmbH, they can carry the "Climate-neutral produced" certificate since 2010 with joy and also with a little pride.

Handmade with Love
Respect for the treasures of nature requires gentle and loving manual work.

All the main active ingredients in the products are gently extracted by hand from plants from controlled wild collection and organic producers. While making use of modern technology, our laboratories still produce hand crafted products. And the packaging is also done, piece by piece, by hand.

Pure Natural Alpine Beauty

Treat your body with the gifts of nature!

Our cosmetic products use 100% natural, handpicked wildcrafted alpine plants.

All our products are sold online at, in resorts and spas, or via our independent consultants.

We pride ourselves on providing personal service. Do you have a question about our products? Feel free to contact one of our consultants or email us at

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